Wednesday, July 22, 2009



Arrgh would be the most appropriate word/mood/term to describe my current situation. Instead of wading neck-deep into painted models & plastic shavings, I am now slithering my way into 2 papers that need to be handed in by next month.

The good times doth not roll.

With a full-time job & a part-time degree weighing me down, hobby time is really constricted so updates are going to be (I'm predicting) few & far between (if any) for the next 3 months. >_<

Seeing as how close I was to completing 5 painted models before the semester started (left only with painting the dip & assembling), in order also not to let my fellow Bloggers' encouragement come to naught, I'm going to really squeeze in some time between assignments to finish them & post pics up.


Monday, July 6, 2009

In response...

First of all, I would like to thank Karitas & Big Jim for your constructive comments. I understand that everyone has their own busy schedules & really appreciate the fact that you took the time to comment.

[Karitas said...
Your converting skills are far from mediocre :)]

Aww shucks!

[but wow, You were'nt kidding about the shiny! are they varnished with high gloss?]

The pics make them look far shinier than they are seen in real life. No varnish, the paints I use come with a gloss finish.

[As far as your paint goes, You're staying in the lines, which is 80% of getting these guys to look good :) The "dip" I've experimented with in the past ironically works best without being dipped, but painted on, moreover "dip" works best on detailed, contoured models, where there are many places for the liquid to settle. I always found it Ironic that marines are so damn hard to paint being so flat and all, when they are the main draw to the hobby.]

So true & I agree. I don't actually 'dip' my models; like what you have said, I found that by painting the dip (i.e. Smoke Grey) onto the models, I get to control how concentrated the dip is & where I want it to go.

[Add to that, youve chosen two of the most difficult colours to hcieve good results with, especially with citadel paints, Black and Red.]

Which is lucky for me because I'm not actually using citadel paints. :)

[hell why not complete the challenge give em yellow eyes and some white bits too :)]

The original choice of eyelense colour was indeed yellow (you can see it in my earliest painted models). But being extremely lazy, I got miffed at having to spend alot of time painting several coats of yellow in a place where multiple touch-ups & re-touch-ups were required. I recently opted to using Metallic Green to save time (2 coats later boom & it's good) & get smoother coverage.

[what colour primer do you use?]

This is where I break more conventions. I don't prime. I did an experiment very early on to distinguish the effect of primer & found that after painting 2 coats of Russet on a non-primed & a black-primed model (both had been washed clean prior to painting), there was no visible difference between the two models after the paint had dried. Again, being the lazybones that I am, I cut out having to prime models & jump straight into painting.

[If you wanted some ideas for new techniques to try I'm more than happy to tell you what I do, either publicly or privately, and if I had one tip for you right now looking at your guys I'd suggest using slightly thinned paint to try and preserve as much detail of your models as possible, it might take an extra coat or two but the control you gain from not having that thick
goop on an overloaded brush will change your mind in 1 model :)]

Karitas, your generous offer is much appreciated :)

[one last thing for now :) please base, it takes 2 minutes with gravel from the street and pva glue, a quick drybrush and viola. It can really lift a figure and make it look "finished" and I personally think that models made for display have even more reason to be based than gaming models :)]

[I think these paintjob show that you take the time and care over each model to get good results, and thats you all need to get great results, the rest is technique, which can be learned.]

You make several good points.

[I'm going now, I get annoyed wqith myself when I start sounding like a teacher when I'm not at work, I'm sure others find it irritating too :)]

As long as you don't give me any detention, I don't mind it at all, Teach. :)

[nice work man, keep "sloppin'" :)]

Thank you for the encouraging words, Karitas. I have a long sloppin-session planned for tomorrow. :D


[Big Jim said...
I agree with karitas, your conversion skills are very good,]

Awww shucky shucks!

[and basing can be really simple to do. (I'll keep applying Peer Pressure, until you relent!) ;)]

I'm beginning to feel the peer pressure working... :)

[You miniatures would really benifit from a contrasting color, it would to help make them "pop". With the red and black main colors silver or gold would work nicely. You could just use the contrasting color on the chaos icons and/or trim.]

I will do that.

[If you want or need any painting advice feel free to shoot me an email through my blog.]

Thank you also for the encouragement & pointers, Jim. I really appreciate it.

I do owe both of you certain debt of gratitude also. It was only after seeing for myself the incredible progress that were made with your respective armies that served as sources of inspiration & motivation for me to try to paint as many of my own models as I possibly can before my next semester begins.

Youse guys are da bomb yo. :)

Oooo...looky at them colours...

Well, it's 18:30hrs in the evening where I'm from & I've just woken up from approximately 5 hours of sleep after pulling a 12-hour night shift at work. If some of this stuff doesn't make sense, do allow me to apologise first because I'm still, or at least I think, I'm still rather groggy. >_<

Pictured below are the brand of water-based acrylic paints that I've been using since my Gundam building days many many moons ago. The Japanese company that makes them is called Gunze Sangyo & I like using them for several reasons:

1) They have a very wide range of colours, especially interesting metallics.
2) They provide decent coverage on the model.
3) They are cheaper than GW paints.
4) They are hell easy to strip; you won't believe this: soak the painted model in soap & water & voila! No brushing even.

The only GW paint I use currently is Chainmail & that's only because Gunze Sangyo shipped in several batches of defective Silver paint at the local hobby store. Hmpf.

The main red & black colours of the armour are actually "Russet" & "Metallic Black":

"Wood Brown" (for pouches, holsters & leather stuff) & "Burnt Iron" (alternate weapon colour):

"Off White" & "Radome" (for scrolls):

"Metallic Green" (for the eye lenses) & "Copper":

"Metallic Blue Green" & "Metallic Blue" (good for plasma coils):

"Gold" & "Flat Black":

"Dark Grey" (for frag grenades) & "Dark Grey 2" (for miscellaneous stuff):

Not pictured here is the translucent "Smoke Grey" that I use as a 'dip'.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Here comes the pain-t: let the Paint-sloppin' begin...

Having actually ran out of plastic cement, I deliberately staved off getting more supplies in order to kick myself into painting my "Overkill Chaos Marines" (thanks Karitas!).

A few things you really need to know:

1) Golden Demon paintjobs do not exist on this blog. Hell, it's not even table-top standard.
2) Those with a delicate constituition may need to avert their eyes.
3) My converting skills are mediocre at best, but my painting skills are even worse.
4) I don't game, ergo I don't base.
5) I consider being able to paint "within the lines", a considerable personal achievement.
6) I like my models shiny.
7) I. Am. A. Really. Slooooooooow. Painter.

I don't hate painting at all; I quite enjoy it. It's just that I know others may not enjoy the results of my paint-slopping that I think I may need to just state my case first.

Gentle friends, you have been forewarned.

Avast maties, pics ahoy!

Lord Golgax One-Eye - Chief Indoctrinator (i.e. Training Officer)

Along with Lord Neomus Dax, both of them are members of the warband's command cadre known as "The Black Orchestra".

The Power of the Mourning Star

Redid the flail. Looks much more streamlined & logical now but still maintaining the original dynamicsm of the model.