Friday, June 12, 2009

Absolutely Random Conversions


  1. Woah, You've been busy.
    Some really nice, dynamic posing on this post.

    sword dude, side plasma dude and grenade dude being my particular favourites :)

    my only reservation is that I'm never entirely sold on the whole MK 6 head termie thing, but yours looks okay, and they are increasingly popular.

  2. Thanks Karitas. I'm sure the dudes will appreciate your praising of them. :D Though I think I can hear the gunslinger dude sobbing in the corner of my cabinet...

    The 3 dudes you liked are actually part of my themed tactical squad. I wanted to make a "stand ready to receive a charge" look to the entire squad to give it a unique visual cohesion.

    I found out that the trick to using a beakie on a termie is that you've really have to pick the right body as well as the right pose for it. I don't think I intend to repeat this very often. Anyways, this particular termie has been unpgraded very much from his current photo state; I can only say two things: master-melta & combi-chain-axe. Pics are coming soon. :)