Friday, June 12, 2009

Lord Neomus Dax - Chief Battle Priest


  1. Youve been really really busy :)

    this guy looks brilliant. myone reservation with him is the face.

    that might go away once he's all toned in the samme after priming, but with the different plastic colours and the fact that there are skulls the same size or larger on his shoulders and knee i'm concerned it might not be the focal point you hope.

    although that said you could entirely redress that with paint by leaving the other muted and really making his face "pop"

  2. :) Well, I'm currently on a short break from studies which give me some precious time to churn out all the conversion ideas that have been neeedling me from the start of the year. Throw a full-time job into the mix & more often than not hobby time goes beddy-bye. :P

    Ach, Karitas; I'm glad you brought up the issue of the face. When I visualised this guy, I wanted to bring about the concept of "brooding faceless terror" (even more faceless than the usual marine helms). Which was why I chose to use this skull face on him. But I'll definitely bear in mind your painting tips as I've yet to work out how he's going to be painted. Again, your input is very very much appreciated. :)