Wednesday, July 22, 2009



Arrgh would be the most appropriate word/mood/term to describe my current situation. Instead of wading neck-deep into painted models & plastic shavings, I am now slithering my way into 2 papers that need to be handed in by next month.

The good times doth not roll.

With a full-time job & a part-time degree weighing me down, hobby time is really constricted so updates are going to be (I'm predicting) few & far between (if any) for the next 3 months. >_<

Seeing as how close I was to completing 5 painted models before the semester started (left only with painting the dip & assembling), in order also not to let my fellow Bloggers' encouragement come to naught, I'm going to really squeeze in some time between assignments to finish them & post pics up.



  1. ahh the dreaded work-life balancing act.

    I'm torn between encuaring you to blow off steam with some modelling, and reminding you that the hobby will be there forever but your assignments are on deadlines.

    at the end of the day I work to the following, - If i'm so fed up/burned out on whatever task I'm embarked on that my work is substandard, I do a different activity for a while. wther that's work or "fun".

  2. Karitas makes a great point. Uni/college is a once in a life time thing for most people and is kind off semi important on shaping how the rest of our lives play out - with any luck, the hobby will endure for longer than your remaining study time.

    His follow on point is also spot on - don't chase one thing to the point that you burn out. I remember when I was studying, especially around assignment deadlines/exams etc, if I was losing focus, or getting stressed, I would take a breather - play some xbox, paint a model, read the newest Gaunts, whatever.

    It is all about control, and what many in the corporate world will spout at you for the rest of your life - work life balance and time management.

    Just 'chillax' and let things happen - If it takes you a few more days/weeks/months to get something painted then so be it. Your sense of accomplishment will be that much higher.


  3. Arrg indeed.

    These two are both smart cookies ;-D College and stuff will help you get a better job in the future, which means more $$, which means more 40k! =-D

  4. Next 3 months!? Thats ridiculous!
    Hurry upppppp!!! =-D