Sunday, July 5, 2009

Here comes the pain-t: let the Paint-sloppin' begin...

Having actually ran out of plastic cement, I deliberately staved off getting more supplies in order to kick myself into painting my "Overkill Chaos Marines" (thanks Karitas!).

A few things you really need to know:

1) Golden Demon paintjobs do not exist on this blog. Hell, it's not even table-top standard.
2) Those with a delicate constituition may need to avert their eyes.
3) My converting skills are mediocre at best, but my painting skills are even worse.
4) I don't game, ergo I don't base.
5) I consider being able to paint "within the lines", a considerable personal achievement.
6) I like my models shiny.
7) I. Am. A. Really. Slooooooooow. Painter.

I don't hate painting at all; I quite enjoy it. It's just that I know others may not enjoy the results of my paint-slopping that I think I may need to just state my case first.

Gentle friends, you have been forewarned.

Avast maties, pics ahoy!


  1. Your converting skills are far from mediocre :) but wow, You were'nt kidding about the shiny! are they varnished with high gloss?

    As far as your paint goes, You're staying in the lines, which is 80% of getting these guys to look good :) The "dip" I've experimented with in the past ironically works best without being dipped, but painted on, moreover "dip" works best on detailed, contoured models, where there are many places for the liquid to settle. I always found it Ironic that marines are so damn hard to paint being so flat and all, when they are the main draw to the hobby. Add to that, youve chosen two of the most difficult colours to hcieve good results with, especially with citadel paints, Black and Red. hell why not complete the challenge give em yellow eyes and some white bits too :)

    what colour primer do you use? If you wanted some ideas for new techniques to try I'm more than happy to tell you what I do, either publicly or privately, and if I had one tip for you right now looking at your guys I'd suggest using slightly thinned paint to try and preserve as much detail of your models as possible, it might take an extra coat or two but the control you gain from not having that thick goop on an overloaded brush will change your mind in 1 model :)

    one last thing for now :) please base, it takes 2 minutes with gravel from the street and pva glue, a quick drybrush and viola. It can really lift a figure and make it look "finished" and I personally think that models made for display have even more reason to be based than gaming models :)

    I think these paintjob show that you take the time and care over each model to get good results, and thats you all need to get great results, the rest is technique, which can be learned.

    I'm going now, I get annoyed wqith myself when I start sounding like a teacher when I'm not at work, I'm sure others find it irritating too :)

    nice work man, keep "sloppin'" :)

  2. I agree with karitas, your conversion skills are very good, and basing can be really simple to do. (I'll keep applying Peer Pressure, until you relent!) ;)

    You miniatures would really benifit from a contrasting color, it would to help make them "pop". With the red and black main colors silver or gold would work nicely. You could just use the contrasting color on the chaos icons and/or trim.

    If you want or need any painting advice feel free to shoot me an email through my blog.