Monday, July 6, 2009

Oooo...looky at them colours...

Well, it's 18:30hrs in the evening where I'm from & I've just woken up from approximately 5 hours of sleep after pulling a 12-hour night shift at work. If some of this stuff doesn't make sense, do allow me to apologise first because I'm still, or at least I think, I'm still rather groggy. >_<

Pictured below are the brand of water-based acrylic paints that I've been using since my Gundam building days many many moons ago. The Japanese company that makes them is called Gunze Sangyo & I like using them for several reasons:

1) They have a very wide range of colours, especially interesting metallics.
2) They provide decent coverage on the model.
3) They are cheaper than GW paints.
4) They are hell easy to strip; you won't believe this: soak the painted model in soap & water & voila! No brushing even.

The only GW paint I use currently is Chainmail & that's only because Gunze Sangyo shipped in several batches of defective Silver paint at the local hobby store. Hmpf.

The main red & black colours of the armour are actually "Russet" & "Metallic Black":

"Wood Brown" (for pouches, holsters & leather stuff) & "Burnt Iron" (alternate weapon colour):

"Off White" & "Radome" (for scrolls):

"Metallic Green" (for the eye lenses) & "Copper":

"Metallic Blue Green" & "Metallic Blue" (good for plasma coils):

"Gold" & "Flat Black":

"Dark Grey" (for frag grenades) & "Dark Grey 2" (for miscellaneous stuff):

Not pictured here is the translucent "Smoke Grey" that I use as a 'dip'.

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